Natural pools are designed to have a natural look and feel.

Georgia Dream Pools specializes in Natural Pools. This natural pool features a shelf entry, a spa and a BelGuard Paver Patio.

On this project, landscaping was added to soften the natural stone on the swimming pool and create a beautiful natural environment. All new landscaping including Cyprus tress were added to give privacy on either side of the property. Several large trees had to be removed from the site to make room for the pool and patio. We cut into the grade and used all the dirt from the pool excavation to level out the yard. Trees were only removed as necessary, now the pool sets into the existing tree line which gives it a very natural feel, like the pool was meant to be there.

The pool is fully automated and heated and features the Spectralight UV water sanitizer which provides crystal clear water and a very healthy swimming environment. While requiring only 0.5ppm of chlorine, the UV system also saves 85% on average for the cost of pool chemicals. Our natural pools feature dual speed pump filters that circulate the pool water 24 hours a day on low-speed which saves up to 85% on average for power consumption and greatly increases the efficiency of the filtration and UV sanitation. The raised spa features hydro-therapy jets and a dedicated pump to power the jets. The spa spills over through a triple-spillway when the spa is not in use.

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