Outdoor living has become more than having a picnic table and a grill. Homeowners are now eager to have a dedicated space in their outdoors outfitted with fire pits, sitting areas, couches, sinks, fridges, countertops, and other amenities. These backyard living features help enhance the whole surroundings and provide aesthetic and functional benefits for the homeowner.

While these are great additions, you should still ensure that these outdoor features are carefully planned and installed. Hiring experts to do the job is the key. With years of experience, Georgia Dream Pools is your best option for this project. We provide distinctive landscape and backyard living setups to ensure that our clients are happy and satisfied with our work. Call us at 678-781-1985 and let us create or enhance your outdoor living spaces now.


Outdoor kitchens are typically composed of a grilling area and a hearth, such as a fireplace or fire pit. This type of outdoor living feature can have all the accoutrements of an indoor kitchen, such as a raised bar or a counter space equipped with sinks, cutting boards, fridges, and trash bins.

The first step towards creating your exterior kitchen is deciding how you would like to use your space. You have to decide how much space you have to work with, whether you want to use it for entertaining large groups of people or you prefer it to be more secluded for relaxing. Since outdoor kitchens are permanent structures, you may need to secure a building permit and adhere to various building codes as well as clearance requirements. Do not be intimidated because having it designed by professionals can prevent complications and save you the time, effort, and expense of modifying unwanted installation mistakes. With your professionally built kitchen, you can now have alfresco dinners with your friends, family, or guests.


Outdoor fireplaces are common additions in the outdoors because of the many benefits they bring. You can still enjoy the fresh air without risking yourself to frostbite or hypothermia during colder months. These features can add to the beauty of a patio or backyard, and make the outdoor living ambiance cozier and comfortable.

There are two types of outdoor fireplaces to choose from. You can decide whether you want pre-built or custom-built. Prefabricated ones are already assembled before being delivered and installed in your outdoors. They are ideal if you want to make instant changes to your existing landscape. Meanwhile, the custom-built fireplaces are built according to your preference.


Outdoor fire pits are easy to clean and maintain; they are convenient for keeping you warm anytime of the day. If you love camping and roasting hotdogs and marshmallows on an open fire, they are the right features to add. At Georgia Dream Pools, we suggest custom-made pits so you can choose your desired design, type, and size.

These outdoor features can define your outdoor space and enhance both its appearance and usability. At Georgia Dream Pools, we can easily transform your outdoors with attractive and cost-effective outdoor living features and amenities. Call us today!