Your pool can be the perfect spot for rest and relaxation. It is also the perfect place for great bonding moments with your family and friends. But over time, your pool may not be able to provide these benefits. It could be due to its outdated design and worn-out features that can pose safety hazards to users. If this is your case, then you will need to venture into a pool renovation and remodeling project.

And when it comes to performing this highly specialized task, you can always rely on Georgia Dream Pools. We are one of the few landscape contractors in Georgia that have the experience and required resources to work on pool renovation and remodeling jobs. In fact, we have remodeled numerous pools in Alpharetta, GA, and nearby areas. Please call us today so we can also bring back the beauty and functionality of your pool area.


Aside from our decades of experience in the industry, we also have the required resources to handle and complete pool remodeling projects. We can work on simple improvements or a total pool makeover, depending on the needs and requirements of our clients.

Here are some more reasons why we are the right company to hire:

  • Expert crews. We ensure that we have the right people working for us to provide our clients with outstanding services. We have creative pool designers who can transform your ideas into great designs. We also have skilled crews who are all experienced in performing pool installation and remodeling.
  • Complete resources. Most of our clients commend us for our ability to complete projects in a fast and efficient manner. We are able to do this because of our complete tools and equipment. From hand-held tools to heavy equipment used for pool installation and remodeling, we have them all in our inventory.
  • Top-notch materials. At Georgia Dream Pools, we use only top-of-the-line products and materials for our pool renovation and remodeling projects. This is part of our commitment to give our clients newly remodeled pools that are not only stunning but can also last a lifetime. From pumps and pool accessories to tiles and coping, we make sure that they are sourced from leading suppliers and manufacturers.


The common tasks that we usually perform in remodeling pools include changing of broken or damage tiles. This may involve replacing the damage tiles or installation of decorative ones to improve the overall look of your pool. Replacing pool coping is also needed to improve safety and aesthetics in the pool area. We can also add new amenities or features to make your pool stunning and more functional. Some of the great add-ons include waterfalls, fountains, and pool lighting. You can also suggest specific features to add, and we will work on them.


Pool renovation and remodeling is a task that is best handled by professionals like us. With us, you are assured of a hassle-free and successful completion of the remodeling project. We have proven this many times to our Georgia clients, and we are confident that we can also provide you excellent work. Our rates are competitive, so you should not worry if you have a limited budget. Call us today at 678-781-1985